OVERTHINKING? by Kerri Medders

Hand on my heart, I think that Kerri Medders has delivered one of the best pop songs this year in OVERTHINKING. Every little detail has been thought of with the track exploring how we all have days where we deal with the chaos within our head which is represented throughout with the cacophony of madness coming from the production whilst also letting people know they’re going to be okay. The highlight though is her insane vocal, it’s got a wonderfully quirky tone and great sense of power too that adds this sense of flair to the track and takes it to the next level. Love it.


ITPA by Elah Hale

Elah Hale did not come to play with her debut single ITPA! As I’ve always said the first single an artists releases is always the most important as it’s what introduces their sound to the world and she’s crafted a simply sublime debut. Her celestial vocal dances effortlessly over the euphoric production to create an incredible vibe that makes this single a pure pleasure to listen to.

Drop Dead by Matt Vantine

If you’re a fan of rock artists from the 90’s like Blur then you’re gonna want to listen to Matt Vantine’s music. His latest single Drop Dead is brilliant produced with elements of folk and rock coming through that creates a compelling dynamic, as well as this incredibly guitar solo towards the end. It’s the type of song you can see being played out loud in a pub and everyone around the bar singing as they clink their glasses together.

Botox by Jaimie McDell

I got introduced to Jamie McDell’s years ago now through the emotionally enthralling anthem Crash and ever since then I’ve been an avid follower of her music. Now she’s released Botox, a song about the danger of going against your instincts and, as a result, sacrificing your values because someone has convinced you. McDell’s voice carry such weight with you feeling every poignant word that she delivers in this song, honestly she’s a modern day Stevie Nicks.

Dancing With An Astronaut by Ellie Rose

If the title of this track isn’t enough to get you listening to this track then just know that Ellie Rose delivers a hauntingly beautiful vocal throughout the sends shivers down my spine. As I listen I can hear this David Bowie vibe coming from her with this dramatic production featuring cinematic strings, striking drums and somber piano melodies that come together effortlessly. On top of that you’ve got what this track is about that just brings a smile to your face and feels like it could’ve come straight out of a movie as Rose explains, It’s about a night that I danced in a glittery jumpsuit until the earliest hours of the morn- ing, laughed until I cried and blushed as my heart filled with butterflies. That night changed a lot for me, it’s possible that I’ve been on another planet ever since.”

Pachamama by Elisif Norrman

Folk music is a difficult genre to get right but Elisif Norrman manages to make it look like child’s play in her latest single. What I like though is that it has a different sound to most folk songs, in-fact she’s actually called her sound “Organic Folk Pop Magic” and that really is the perfect way to describe her sound. It’s got this enchanting nature to it that makes you feel like you’re in a Lord of the Rings film walking through this mystical land with her voice as your narrator as your story moves forward.

Take It Or Leave It by Chandler Juliet

I think I can say with some confidence that Chandler Juliet is one of those pop artists who could easily take over the world tomorrow and nobody would question why. Her latest single is top charting material if ever I’ve heard it with a killer hook that you’ll be singing under your breath for weeks to come and an infectious melody that makes you want to leap up from your seat and begin tearing up any dance floor.

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