Straight From The Artist is a bi-monthly series where we invite different musical artists to create a playlist based on any subject they want. It can be about anything they desire or want to promote and this month we’re handing over the reigns to Teddi Gold.

Teddi Gold arrived on the scene in early 2019 where she came out with the infectious electro pop single Video Games. It was bold, it was anthemic, it was colourful, it was everything that someone could ask for in a pop single and ever since then she’s released an array of beautiful singles with an incredibly textured soundscape to match.

Her unique sound actually came from her unconventional upbringing where she spent her early years on a remote island in Caribbean. Being isolated from mainstream culture actually helped Teddi with her developing a strong sense of self which translated into her stunningly distinct and unique brand of pop.

Just recently Teddi Gold released her debut EP Vol. 1 which captured her mesmerising sound and made her global fanbase giddy with delight as they got a catalogue of her intoxicatingly addictive sound. Now without further ado we will now hand over to Teddi Gold as she takes you through the songs that inspired the soundscape of her debut EP!


Straight From Teddi Gold

Hello! I am Teddi Gold and I just released my debut EP on August 16th. I wanted to share a playlist of songs that inspired the creation of the soundscape as well as songs that I listened to while the making the record. Here we go!

1. Slip Away by Perfume Genius

I love the dynamics in this song and the sonic choices. I love to listen to this song loud. It’s engulfing. I wanted to create this same feeling in my songs and referenced it for dynamics.

2. Don’t Kill My Vibe by Sigrid

This is the first song that inspired my EP. I love that Sigrid writes from a place of empowerment. The victim to victor mentality. I wrote from this place as well. Lizzo also does this so well. She is my favorite artist right now.

3. I Love It by Icona Pop ft Charli XCX

I love this song so much! It’s so fun. I like their use of gang vocals and I referenced it for a few of my songs. I incorporated many gang vocals on this EP.

4 Deception by Le Tigre

I am a huge Kathleen Hanna fan and am inspired by her. After watching the “The Punk Singer”, it made me appreciate this band so much more.

Dive into the rest of the songs in the playlist below!


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