Wonder by ELIVN (Live at the Imaginarium)

If you’re a fan of artists like Florence + The Machine then you’re going to want to listen to ELVIN’s live performance of Wonder. Her ethereal voice transports you to a whole new world where magical creatures roam free across fields of green and the elegant production creates the beautiful soundtrack to your journey. Then you’ve got the video which is like The Greatest Showman in a more mystical and enchanting setting that makes for great viewing.

Portman by Natalie Sandtorv

Sometimes all you need from a good dance track is a laidback rhythmic based track that’s luscious melody sends you cascading to the dance floor. With a chilled out disco vibe, Natalie Sandtorv’s latest single Portman creates an atmosphere reminiscent an underground indie club with her playful yet edgy vocal, that is very reminiscent of Robyn, bouncing across the buoyant synths beats as she tells the story of an ongoing game between two lovers. Perfect if you’re looking to create a great atmosphere at your next party, we also would highly recommend strobe lights as this plays.

I Know How To Party by The Dollyrots

If you’re a fan of classic pop punk songs then you’ll fall in love with the latest single from The Dollyrots called I Know How To Party. From start to finish it carries this feel good atmosphere that is reminiscent of classic Bowling For Soup anthems along with punchy guitars that whip you into a dance frenzy and a stadium filler of a chorus that is filled with so much energy and a hook that you’ll be singing on repeat for weeks to come. It’s impossible to resist the infectious melodies and could easily be placed on any pop punk playlist and be mistaken for a classic from the early 2000’s.

I Wish You Were Gay by Claud

Before anyone asks no this isn’t a cover of the Billie Eilish song but, instead, a delicate piano lead ballad and Claud’s celestial vocals. The highlight of this I Wish You Were Gay though is the lyrics that manages to carry an air of angst as well as a heartache over loving someone you know will never see you the same way, “I wish you were gay / so you could just hold me / call me your babe / instead of your homie.” It’s honest message is something many members of the LGBTQ+ community will relate to and Claud manages to evoke this message perfectly. On top of that they’re also selling t-shirts with all proceeds going to the Trevor Project here, so definitely stream the single and buy those shirts!

Love Is Not An Empire by Lea Porcelain

The latest single Love Is Not An Empire from Berlin based two piece Lea Porcelain is inspired by, in their own words, “Money vanishes, beauty disappears, empires fall – the only thing that stays, is Love which never fades. – And it cannot be possessed.” Instead of kicking it off with all guns a blazing the duo take a more cautious approach with the production starting off very intimate before building to the climatic finale that becomes a cacophony of sound that leaves you desperate for more. It takes you on a journey of love, from the cautious beginning to the bold and brash acts of love we partake as we become more comfortable with one another. As they say, the only thing that stays is love.

Melancholy Blue by Lucy Booth

Sometimes all you need is a piano and a heavenly vocal to captivate an audience and that’s exactly what Lucy Booth does in the beautiful Melancholy Blue. This is one of those songs that will have you reaching for the tissues throughout with lyrics, which are pure poetry, painting a vivid image in your head of somebody going through a break up where, “These waves of grief will trickle gently down my cheeks / Reminds me of your touch / Memories ache so much.” It’s a heartbreaking number that offer a cathartic experience for everyone going through a break up and a storytelling ability unlike any other.

Heavy Waters by Yianna

Yianna has one of the most distinct and captivating vocals around and this is expressed almost perfectly in Heavy Waters where you really get to hear both the soft airy side and the raw grit she possesses. However my favourite part of this single is that it doesn’t have a specific genre it fits under as it has elements of alt rock, soul, rnb, pop and even electronic. It always keeps you guessing and along with lyrics focussing on being in a stagnant relationship where you want to leave but for one reason or another just can’t and a production that manages to dance a fine line between emotional vulnerability and empowering rawness, this track has something for everyone.

4runner by prettyboyshav

I already love the name of this artist prettyboyshav but I love his latest single even more. 4runner is an electro pop track that is ladened with calming 80’s inspired synths, laidback vocals that begin to soar throughout the chorus and along with a warm inviting nature that is perfect for the summer. If this was released back in the 80’s it would’ve easily been put into any John Hughes movie in a heartbeat, I can specifically hear it being in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off through any of those classic montages.

Hypocritical by NOA

This latest single by Toronto based musician NOA is charming electro pop track with a stunning vocal tone and ability that would make Ariana Grande jealous. Hypocritical was inspired in the aftermath of her own break up where she realised she was doing everything she didn’t want her ex to be doing. She even says how she doesn’t want him to be with someone else, even though she is now romantically involved with someone else. Emotional attachment can hurt like that and NOA creates a personal and honest single that will, hopefully, comfort you through your own breakups and the future that follows.

Room For You by Sub-Radio

With summer just around the corner it makes sense that we’re being given feel good summer anthems like Sub-Radio’s latest number Room For You. If you can listen to this without once cracking a smile then you have a heart made of stone, honestly it has one of the most happy go lucky atmospheres of any song I’ve heard with an irresistible melody and a chorus that just fills you with you joy. It’s a smile inducer that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world.


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