Straight From The Artist is a bi-monthly series where we invite different musical artists to create a playlist based on any subject they want. It can be about anything they desire or want to promote and this month we’re handing over the reigns to Jenn.

Jenn is a 19 year old dark/electronic pop artists from Dublin, Ireland who has been on the rise this past year with her outstanding pieces of music. However Jenn started her journey when she was 13 and performed in her school talent show, then by 15 she was writing her own music that came from her own personal experiences as well as being influenced by artists such as Lorde, Halsey and Dua Lipa to name a few.

She soon noticed how few black female Irish artists were in the music scene and strived to be an artist who future generations could look up too and, in turn, inspire them to follow their musical dreams. We have to say that, so far, we believe she is doing just that.

Soon Jenn will be doing her first gig in London with Sofar Sounds. After listening to her music on repeat this past week I highly recommend entering for a chance to see her killer live performances. If you’re interested, you can enter here for your chance to win tickets! Now we’ll hand over to Jenn as she talks about her playlist.

Photography by Shannon Fahy (@shabbon)

Straight From Jenn

All of the songs on this playlist, are from the Irish artists that I believe are game changers, the next generation of record breakers, legendary songwriters, the people who are going to shape our culture. All of these people and their art have left their own unique marks on my life and represent so many different and beautiful things to me. The first 7 songs on this playlist are from Black Irish artists, like myself. So listen carefully. These artists are the new faces of the Irish music industry. I said what I said.

1. GTM by Bukky

Bukky is an extremely talented artist who I have the pleasure of being close friends with, her unapologetically honest lyrics and approach to music is going to change the Irish music scene. I can see it and it’s already happening.

2. What Do You Know by Soulé

The first black Irish female pop star I ever discovered back in 2016 when I thought there was no space for girls like me who had darker skin and just wanted to make pop music. She continues to make absolute bangers, and this is just one of them.

3. Loco by Hare Squead

This song is ridiculously, stupidly good. I heard it for the first time in 2016, and I knew instantly that something in the Irish music industry was changing.

4. Invisble by Jafaris

Jafaris is a game changer, and this song, with the production and the lyrics, everything about it is stunning. One listen isn’t enough.

5. Me n Me Too (Freestyle) by JyellowL

A fire rapper, a fire freestyle. It’s just fire. That’s all I can say.

6. Loveleen by Rejjie Snow

Rejjie Snow is to me, a Black Irish rap legend. An Irish rap legend, period.

7. Outta Love by Nonzus Magnus

One of those songs that as soon as you hit play, you get slapped in the face by how good it is. The song that makes you do that stank face. That song.

8. Mad by Laoise

The first ever Irish electronic pop artist I found. The production is sick, the lyrics are way too relatable and her whole EP is a gorgeous work of art.

9. Never Let Go by whenyoung

An indie band from Limerick, Ireland, who just keeps creating the most beautiful songs. Never Let Go brings me back to my unnecessary emo fringe days where my mum just didn’t understand me.

10. Heaven Must Be Missing You by Eilis Conroy

Eilis is one of the most talented people I know and this song makes me feel too many things at once. It’s a ‘spend most of your time thinking about how perfect your crush is’ song and it’s been the soundtrack to most of my tube rides home from Uni.

11. Gone For Good by Sarah Crean

Another ridiculously talented Irish artist I have the pleasure of knowing, with a song that is relatable in more ways than one and tugs at every part of my cold Scorpio heart whenever I play it.

12. Knock Me Off My Feet by SOAK

This song feels like summer in an indie coming-of-age movie and I love it with my whole heart.

13. World Without You by James Hall

Another talented Irish artist I know with a song that will be stuck in your head forevermore.



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