I find genre fusion to be quite interesting because you never know exactly what you’re going to get when you start listening to the track. It could be weird, different, mind boggling or just a piece of musical genius, it all depends on how it’s made and produced but VI❍LETS has left me begging for more with her latest track.

With a looping electronic melody opening Night Ritual you’re immediately transported into a new world before it builds to a dramatic avant-garde styled chorus that is reminiscent to Florence + The Machine with the theatrical nature of her vocal. The production helps amplify her vocal further with this stirring synth percussion section in the chorus that creates an almost ominous vibe when mixed with the soothing electronica based melody that comes. Mix all that together with some poignant lyrics and you’ve got a electrifying and enthralling track from start to finish.

VI❍LETS manages to create a captivating atmosphere in Night Ritual that makes every time you listen feel like a special moment within your life.

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