2018 has been a wonderful year for the music world but the future of music looks even brighter in 2019 with a marvellous range of artists looking like they’re going to take the world by storm. Here we have a collection of wonderful new artists who’re bursting with creativity and ingenuity that makes them some of most exciting artists to watch in 2019. Who knows, your favourite artist might be hidden somewhere within this list.


The Ones To Watch



After signing with Warner Music in 2017 we saw indie pop darling KYKO reintroduce himself to the world as Kwassa. Under his previous guise he’d already developed a thriving fanbase for himself and substantial repertoire of music and his new label debut, Moonwalking, saw him fuse elements of his past music together with the warm alluring synths of Dive In and the infectious melodies of Mexico being prime examples.

His intoxicating sound continues to capture the hearts of fans across the globe and 2019 looks set to be the year Kwassa takes over. The old phrase goes ‘New Year New Me’ but for Kwassa it’s, “New name, new music, same me.”

Emotional Oranges


Since the release of their debut track Motions in early 2018 the mysterious LA based duo Emotional Oranges have remained rather anonymous, preferring people to focus their music rather than whose behind it. Filled with a luscious array of deep bass lines, the succulent male and female harmonies, flirtatious lyrics, and sultry vocals to match, all of their songs have been masterclasses in tantalisingly good RnB music, with their track Personal combining all of this together to create one of the best tracks of the year.

Their music exudes this sensuous energy that makes it perfect to, in their words, “Have good make-up (and break-up) sex to.” The stars are aligned for Emotional Oranges with their seductive brand of disco and funk infused RnB looking like it’s going to set the world alight in the new year.

Maisie Peters


The young British songwriter Maisie Peters originally got her start on youtube where she astounded fans with her acoustic originals until 2017 where she released her debut track Place We Were Made that showcased her sound to the world. With bittersweet moments, intimate productions, an innocent vocal and honest lyrics with clever wordplay Peter’s music stood out amongst the crowd of cliched and generic tracks that are churned out on a regular basis. She was something unique.

The best way to describe listening to Maisie Peter’s music is ataraxia. You’re in a state of freedom, tranquility and emotion that feels as if you are floating through the sky feeling nothing but bliss. She’s had a stellar 2018 and we fully believe that she will continue this all the way through 2019.

Orville Peck


Orville Peck is the latest signing of Sub Pop Records who’s entrancing debut Big Sky made country music sound the most exciting and freshest it has for years. The mysterious masked lone rider’s sound has captivated fans with his captivating sound that feels like it could fit perfectly into any western movie soundtrack or even in the latest Red Dead Redemption game, his deeply rich crooning vocal and a sparse production that creates an ominous atmosphere unlike any other. But we think Peck describes his music best, “homoerotic cowboy pop.”

The era of cowboys has been revived with Peck’s “enigmatic cowboy anti-hero” persona that is anything but a gimmick. The classic American cowboy has been given a modern day facelift with Orville Peck taking us down the long dusty road into a bright and glorious new year.



There is no rapper like Flohio in the game right now. Every single of her tracks focuses on poetic yet emotional truths along with her explosive that makes her music feel like pieces of art. Her Wild Yout EP was one of the best releases of 2018 with the dynamic nature of the tracks, fiery production, ingenious lyrics and ability to effortlessly fuse genres together with her music taking elements of classic hip hop, modern day grime and heavy synth trap. There hasn’t been an artist that creates music like her.

British rap is going through an extraordinary era right now with artists producing some of the most exciting and innovative music that’s ever been released and Flohio is right at the forefront of this. She is going to be a force to be reckoned with in 2019.

Dorian Electra


Dorian Electra is the future of pop music and pop stars. This artist creates music that tackles issues head on with tracks like Career Boy focusing on the work addiction society forces on us in order to succeed and Man To Man which takes on toxic masculinity whilst also wanting to change the meaning behind the word masculinity. They make meaningful music that thrives with swirling synth beats, luscious melodies, lyrics that dance that fine line between serious and satirical and a vocal that is reminiscent of Christine & The Queens, huge compliment!

They are a modern pop star unlike any other that creates purposeful pop that speaks to both the new and old generation of music lovers. Dorian Electra is a thriving artist who looks set to make 2019 a year where people learn about issues that they never thought a pop star would talk about.

King Princess


It’s no wonder as to why King Princess has become an artist in high demand right now. The gay pop icon has built a large LQBTQ+ fanbase over the past year with some of her fans at shows calling her ‘Lesbian Jesus’ and it’s easy to see why with the heavenly music she produces. Her debut track 1950 was a pop revelation that took the world by storm and even had the lyrics tweeted out by Harry Styles. However Pussy Is God was the track that enthralled us from start to finish and can only be described as holy.

King Princess has the ability to change the world with her outstanding brand of queer pop. She is the latest member of the LQBTQ+ music royal family and looks set to continue her reign long into the new year.



One of the best things about Pronoun is her spotify about section where she’s featured an array of critiques from random music blogs, bloody brilliant. That’s not all though as in 2018 she released one of the best songs of the year in the form of Run that is sheer perfection and could not be a better representation of her sound. Each one of her songs is a stadium anthem with high flying choruses that soar across the crowd, intoxicating guitar riffs, outstanding lyrics and a sense of euphoria every single time you listen to her anthemic music.

There’s no other way to describe her music other that absolute perfection. All of her tracks have something inherently special about them that makes listening to them feel like a special moment in your life. We fully believe that Pronoun is going to continue thriving all the way into 2019.

L Devine


We’ve talked about L Devine many, many times on this blog because we adore everything that she produces and she is the relatable pop icon of tomorrow. She creates pop anthems about things all people have experience like how Peer Pressure is about wanting to be yourself but also trying fit in despite other people’s opinions. Another one of her tracks struck a big chord with the LGBTQ+ community with Daughter encapsulating a story a lot of the community can relate to as she takes you on an emotional rollercoaster with a beautifully woven tale.

With her music being heavily influenced by pop goddess Robyn it is easy to see how L Devine has already produced multiple pop masterpieces and looks like she could soon become the next big thing to come out of England. Next year looks set to be the year L Devine conquers the world.



English artist Sody first arrived on the scene many years ago with her debut single Sorry that set the blogosphere alight with pure excitement and she soon signed to Relentless Records. All went quiet for a while until she made her triumphant return with her atmospheric piano ballad Maybe It Was Me that saw her songwriting take a more mature stance with an elegant sound that is well beyond her years. She manages to capture her own isolation and heartbreak to create music where you feel the overwhelming levels of emotion that captivates you and allows you to go on a journey with her.

With each of her tracks being stirring pop masterpieces and her also being rumoured to be releasing an EP early next year, it looks as though 2019 will be the year of Sody. She is certainly an artist to be keep your eye on.

Kelsy Karter


There is no question about it, Kelsy Karter is a modern day rock goddess. In-fact her Soundcloud is the best description of her, “If Angelina Jolie and Mick Jagger had a one night stand, you’d get Kelsy Karter.” The artist, originally from New Zealand, has already blown us away in the past with God Knows I’ve Tried, a classic rock ballad about her apologising for her rebellious past that feels like it could’ve been written by Aerosmith. Even her latest more pop rock track Catch Me If You Can that showed off her charismatic vocal, high energy production and ability to juxtapose the track with the song actually being about the time she killed a man… We’re not joking.

A lot of rock artists have been going down the pop route in an attempt to stay relevant but Kelsy Karter is here to say that rock isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. With each release she is proving that she is a rock star and definitely a name to watch and adore in the new year.

No Rome


After releasing his first official single Do It Again in 2018 No Rome showed a huge amount of promise, so it wasn’t surprising that there was a lot of hype surrounding his debut EP RIP Indo Hisashi but, to no surprise, he surpassed everyones expectations with soaring record. It featured a line up of shimmering synths, a silky smooth vocal that dances across the delicately laid soundscape and expertly crafted lyrics that are simply outstanding. On top of all that No Rome also assisted in producing one of the best albums of the year in the form of The 1975’s third album A Brief Enquiry Into Online Relationships and Matty Healy of the band has even described No Rome as his muse.

No Rome has already had an absolutely stellar 2018 and it looks as if he is going to have an even better 2019. He is destined to do big things in the pop world and beyond it.

Your Smith


There’s something really special about Your Smith’s (formerly known as Caroline Smith) music that gives you immense pleasure whenever you listen to it. Her debut track The Spot struck a chord with fans who fell in love with her retro, disco flavoured sound that would’ve easily topped the charts in the 1980’s. This continued with her follow up Bad Habit with her soft, alluring, and romantic vocal soaring over the tender synths below and emotionally enthralling lyrics that bring this raw pain and sadness to life. Her songwriting is some of the best in the business right now.

With her beautifully tender and emotive music Your Smith exploded into 2018 with style and grace. Her music offers you a familiar warmth that makes listening to her feel special and we believe she will continue this into and beyond 2019.

G Flip


Right now Australia have one of the most exciting and outstanding music scenes around with them producing lavishly good artists like G Flip. The Melbourne native has was previously in a band called Empra but set about writing music for her solo project in 2018 and, in turn, started her solo career. She released About You that quickly went viral and launched her into the stratosphere with her playing SXSW and supporting Pale Waves at a gig in London later in the year. Then she dropped Killing My Time that was even bigger than her debut with strong drum beats and a hook that people were singing under their breaths for weeks to come.

Having already been announced in the line-up for Reading & Leeds next year and multiple gigs scheduled in Australia and the UK, it already looks like 2019 is being kind to G Flip and we firmly believe that this will continue.

Lexie Liu


Where do you even begin with the indescribably good Lexie Liu? The 19 year old Chinese rising star originally came to be known when she placed 4th on the tv talent show K-pop Star 5 and rejected a deal from a major label so she could continue to have creative control over her music. She then signed to the NYC based independent label 88rising in 2018 and has been releasing none stop bops ever since. With her sultry vocal tones, intoxicating dance beats and is able to switch effortlessly between the English and Chinese lyrics, on first listen you may not even notice the switch, showcases how talented this future superstar is.

88rising have lead the way in terms of creating progressive and contemporary music that excites music fans across the globe and they seem to have gotten it right again. Lexie Liu will certainly continue to break boundaries in 2019.

Rosie Carney


Rosie Carney is the soundtrack to those late night crying sessions with her intimate, delicate and emotionally enthralling music. Her music is stripped to the bare needs with the gentle plucking of an acoustic guitar creating an ambient atmosphere that allowed her enchanting ethereal vocal to really shine. In her tracks she confesses her inner most thoughts and secrets that makes it feel like she is speaking directly to you, almost like an old friend coming to you for advice or just wanting someone to tell their story to. Her music spellbinds you from the first note all the way to the last. She is unlike any other folk artist out there in the world.

Her calmingly emotive music is a game changer and their isn’t an artist who can excite fans so much with just a guitar and their voice. Rosie Carney is a true star in the making and is definitely going to continue amazing fans long after the new year.



Ireland have produced some sensational acts over the years but Whenyoung are one of the most exciting to come out of the country in recent years. We first found out about the trio when we heard their cover of The Pogue’s christmas classic Fairytale Of New York that was a fresh new take on the track that even caught the eye of Shane McGowan of the band who invited them to perform at his 60th birthday party. Then you have their well crafted indie pop anthems like Pretty Pure which has one of the most catchy hooks to come from a song this year and then you’ve got the heartbreakingly beautiful tracks like Sleeper which show a whole new side to the band.

Whenyoung are one of the most exciting bands to come out in recent years and after having a sterling 2018 it certainly seems that they’re going to continue that into 2019. If you don’t believe us then just watch this space is all we’ll say.

Jade Bird


Are final one to watch of 2019 is the astonishingly brilliant Jade Bird who’s track Lottery left us completely floored earlier in the year with the stunning vocal of Bird and an equally gorgeous music video, shot by Studio Moross. Then came Uh Huh that saw her usually acoustic styled music get pushed aside for an explosively raw style with a special flair surrounding it as well as her raspy vocal shining throughout the track. Every time you listen to her music it feels like you’re getting a live performance from her because there are these little imperfections that give the track a wonderfully charming appeal that makes listening to them a real treat.

She had a lot of support from Radio One this year, gained a lot of fans and has demonstrated the versatility within her music. Jade Bird is someone who looks likely to set the music world alight next year.

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