Kwaku Asante – Fantasy

The voice of Kwaku Asante alone should be enough to make you fall in love with his music and become a life long fan. His latest track Fantasy is an enthralling soul track about someone being too good to be true but soon you begin to realise the fantasy is actually reality as they are just perfect for you. The silky smooth vocals of Asante are really are the star of the show and the stripped back production, reminiscent of a 90’s slow jam, compliments them perfectly. A modern day Marvin Gaye in the making.

OUTLYA – Burn (Demo)

If you’ve ever heard of OUTLYA then you’ll probably know that their music usually has high energy production that adds this sense of euphoria when you’re listening to them. In their latest demo Burn however they have stripped away all of that production with this track being lead by a piano and an emotively captivating vocal. It’s the type of track that will have you reaching for the tissues and will soon become the soundtrack to your late night crying sessions.

VERITE – Need Nothing (Orchestral Version)

There are so many times when you listen to an artists track and you can’t help but imagine how good it would sound with a full orchestra. Luckily VERITE heard our pleas and has released an EP filled with orchestral takes on her indie pop anthems. The one that stood out the most though was Need Nothing, the opening alone had our jaws on the floor and when her angelic vocal appeared it felt like a match made in heaven. It’s a spectacular piece of music that is a must listen.

Kate Wilde – Wolves

When used right the harp can be one of the most beautiful instruments in the world and Kate Wilde has certainly managed that with her heavenly track Wolves. It’s a track that transports you to a whole new world filled with vast fields as far as your eyes can see, misty mountain tops and magical creatures roaming free. Honestly it would fit perfectly in any Lord of the Rings films with it’s ethereal ambience, enchanting vocal, magical harp and poetic lyrics.

Eva B. Ross – Come Out and Play (Billie Eilish cover)

When we were first listened to this track none of us had any idea that was a Billie Eilish cover and it was only in the aftermath where someone thought it founded familiar that we discovered it! That is the sign of a great cover. Eva B. Ross has taken Come Out and Play and transformed it into charmingly beautiful folk track with her pure and ethereal vocals leading the way to create a soundscape of pure ambience.

Bellhouse – Coping

Most artists know that they’ve always wanted to do music, then you get artists like Bellhouse who didn’t even want to make music but luckily she soon found the calling of music and began releasing stunning tracks like Coping. Starting with a gorgeous piano melody before an array of luscious synths are added to the mix this track manages to create a spellbinding production surrounding a story of mistakes and how to move on from those errors.

XYLØ – Freak

Misfits of the world! Come together now and celebrate your individuality, weirdness and all around craziness with XYLØ’s anthem to the outcasts to the world. Freak is a millennial anthem that we can all become addicted to with the intoxicating melody, infectious synths and lyrics that a lot of people are going to find personally relatable. You’ll fine yourself singing “Be a freak like me,” out loud in no time at all.

ALLOLA – High Horse

I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again, Australia has one of the best music scenes around right now and I think ALLOLA’s 80’s inspired summer pop banger High Horse. Inspired by the classic phrase get off your high horse it is filled with warm and inviting synths that fill you with joy along with her perfect pop vocal that soars across the enticing production below. Australia, you’ve done it again!

Justin Johnes – Athlete

Sometimes all you need is a chilled out pop anthem to listen and that’s exactly what Justin Johnes has provided us with his track Athlete. This is an incredibly intimate track with it being lead the by the delicate vocal of Johnes, that has a delectable tone to it, along with minimalistic production that is reminiscent of Tears For Fears, always a good thing, and allows for the lyrics to really shine throughout.

Jay Putty – Trouble

Nashville music always has this unmistakable charm surrounding it that makes almost every track released there a joy to listen to. Jay Putty’s latest track Trouble is a genuine and honest love track about how someone was worth all of the trouble they went through to finally be with them. There’s a sense of pure happiness as you listen to this track, from start to finish you just can’t help but smile throughout and sway to the intoxicatingly joyful melody.

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