Jenna Lotti – Nervous

I adore it when upbeat pop tracks actually hide a deeper meaning within them and Jenna Lotti has executed this perfectly with her latest release. Nervous focuses on the crippling effect anxiety, which she has had since she was 10 years old, can have on her and how she knows she’s the one standing in her own way. The bubbling synths and happy go lucky nature of the production lends itself well to this as the production hides the deeper meaning of the track, like Lotti attempts to do with her anxiety. A poignant, personal and highly relatable pop anthem

Talker – Intimidated

In a recent tweet Talker said that this was her favourite song she’s ever written and it is clear to see why. Intimidated is grunge pop, a term coined by the artist herself, at it’s finest with it starting off with the gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar in a traditional ballad fashion, before building to a climatic and heavy finale that is filled with powerful guitars and vigorous amounts of emotion that will leave you with your jaw on the floor. The vulnerable lyrics are a highlight and some of the best this young songstress has written to date.

3amwithyou – Lightning Bolt

Honestly if you told me that 3amwithyou were an 1980’s band who had multiple hits I would completely believe you as their debut Lightning Bolt is a sublime piece of work. With a beautiful array of synths creating an ambient atmosphere mixed with an uplifting set of vocals singing lyrics that are beautiful and you’ve got a track that cannot be beat. It feels like something that would belong in a John Hughes film and that is the biggest compliment I can give this track and band.

DAVID44 – Truth

We’ve previously featured this track before but DAVID44’s stunning visuals and effortless vocal in this live session is something well and truly worth watching. The Truth live session was Filmed with four drag queens in a Moulin Rouge-esque environment this traditionally electro pop track gets given a make over and becomes a tender, vulnerable and emotive track lead by a melancholy piano melody and DAVID44’s gentle vocal.

Gabriel Black – Goodbye

It’s rare you see an artist you can genuinely say is revolutionising his genre and I think that’s something that can definitely be said about Gabriel Black and his latest effort Goodbye. His brand of alternative pop is unbelievably fascinating with elements of R&B, Hip Hop and Blues all featuring in this eclectic track that has me captivated from start to finish. There is no artist like Gabriel Black out there right now.

Ella Vos – Ocean

Music is often described as an escape. An escape from everyday life, an escape from long journeys or, in Ella Vos’s case, an escape from a life threatening illness. Vos was diagnosed with Lymphoma, a form a cancer that begins by fighting the cells of the immune system, and her whole world changed. But rather than giving into the hopelessness around her Vos dived into her craft and created the ethereal and elegant Ocean. A stunning track by a stunning artist and we hope she is doing well.

Luvia – Love Lust

Brighton is becoming a hub of sensational musicians as of late and you can definitely add Luvia to that list with her atmospheric and thrilling track Love Lust. Her ethereal vocals glide over the top of the ominous production like an elegant swan over a misty river, it’s simply that beautiful. The track deals with growing up and how you would do things to stop feeling numb, you’d do things to just feel something and Luvia’s lyrics tackle this subject with pure elegance and ease.

James Smith – Tell Me That You Love Me

Being a young artist at a big label can often feeling daunting for many musicians by James Smith has taken it in his stride at the 19 year old releases his latest effort Tell Me That You Love Me. In this track Smith shows of his natural vocal talent with his gorgeous tone as well as his breadth of musicality with the track featuring touches of gospel and the slick guitar efforts that reminiscent of the blues genre. The track was inspired by Smith’s first heartbreak, something he didn’t want to happen but could see coming, and his emotionally enthralling vocal gets this sadness across effortlessly.

Small Talks – Nicotine and Tangerines

This track is magical and I never thought I would say that about a song that is call Nicotine & Tangerines. Everything about Small Talks latest track, from her upcoming album, is simply outstanding but there is one moment where I was completely floored and that is the instrumental in the bridge. The build up to that moment felt like something in a coming of age film where you finally see the two lovers embrace in a heavenly moment together. Out of this world types of gorgeous.

White Lies – Finish Line

With every single release White Lies are proving that they can do no wrong, every single track when you hear it for the first time feels like a special moment. Finish Line has got this elegant opening lead by the ethereal vocals mixed with the soothing acoustic guitar and graceful orchestra production. It’s emotively enthralling with it being the story of a young couple’s break-up negotiation and you can feel every single up and down this couple feels during this difficult situation. A poetic track that is one of the best tracks they’ve ever released.

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