Linney – Famøus

We’ve featured Linney on this site more times than we can count because she is that special as an artist. Each track she’s released has left us spellbound and her latest release Famøus is no different with the track being reminiscent of Grimes if she had a more laidback sound. The calming production draw you into a tranquil state before Linney’s passionate yet tender vocal hits you with a wave of emotion that will have anybody reaching for the tissues and crying into their pillow in no time at all.

Benji Lewis – Ride

Although we’re in the dead of winter artists like Benji Lewis still manage to release tracks that have us all feeling as if summer never left. Ride is an uplifting track about being yourself and focusing on the positive things in life, which explains the warm fuzzy feeling I get inside when I listen to the track. The song is very intimate with it’s gentle production, it almost feels like Lewis is speaking directly to you in this song with his voice guiding you on this journey of self love with him.

Joe Wood – Alone

The 80’s have been making a huge comeback in the music world for the past few years now and it’s clear that artists like Joe Wood have been loving it. His latest track Alone is the title track for the LGBTQ+ short film Foreign Lovers which makes sense with the track talking about that fear of loneliness that resonates with people who aren’t really seen by society these days. This message is hidden under the delectable vocal palette and high energy production but once you realise what it’s about you see the song in a new and wonderful way.

Zachariah – If You Want Me To

We’ve all played a part sometime in our life, whether it be pretending to be someone totally new on a night out or just trying to become somebody you’re not for a day of fun and that is exactly what Zachariah’s new track If You Want Me To. The leader of the Queer R&B scene, honestly I love that name for the sub-genre, has a mesmerising vocal with a luscious tone that enthrals you the second you hear it and when you combine that with the tantalisingly good production, you’ve got a track that is hard not to love.

Apropos – All Natural

Earlier this year Apropos released his debut album so it was a genuine surprise to see he’d just dropped a brand new track All Natural. With a hazy production that is reminiscent of the hey day of R&B in the 90’s mixed with his polished vocal style allow Apropos to tell the world about the natural allure of his girlfriend in the modern era of selfies and instagramable content. A sophisticated R&B track that sees the old meet the new in this innovation of the genre.

HYLLS – Easy

The opening of Easy made me think back to living in the country side with the violin melody being reminiscent of classic folk tracks I’d heard during my time there. HYLLS manages to capture that rustic sound and fuse it with modern pop melodies to create a unique sound that is unlike any other. The melodic nature of this track allows you to be transported to a new world with HYLLS guiding you on a journey through the land with her enticing vocal and her homely production.

Foley – Stranger

Honestly New Zealand’s music scene is absolutely phenomenal right now, so much good music is coming out of the country and Foley can definitely be added to that ever growing list. Their latest track Stranger is an energised pop song that gets your foot tapping and head bopping in no time with the succulent array of synths and slick pop melodies that will be in your head for many days to come. The complexities of young love has never sounded so good!

Tanners – Venus

During her travels to Southeast Asia, Tanners would often find herself sleeping under the stars and as a result began getting very good at identifying stars, constellations and planets. This is where the title for her exhilarating pop track Venus came from, “Venus was the earliest to rise and was also the brightest point in the sky, so it became my reference point throughout my trip. I got back to New York and well… It’s hard to see any stars at all. Even though it wasn’t visible in NYC that time of year, I still looked for it every night. It was such a lovely visual reminder of this incredibly formative experience I had. So tender and bittersweet.”

Alys Williams – Don’t Mind

There is something quite timeless about Alys Williams voice, I feel like she could sing almost any genre and it would sound effortlessly beautiful. In the past she’s collaborated with DIICE and Ifan Dafydd but now the welsh singer sees herself going solo with her track Don’t Mind. It’s a tender affair with smooth synths mixed a simple yet beautiful melody and her sensational vocal being the centre of attention that combined create a chilled out atmosphere that lulls you into a tranquil state of peace and relaxation.

Nina Nesbitt – Colder

I’m just going to say it, Nina Nesbitt is a pop queen, pure and simple. She’s gone through one of the biggest evolutions I’ve seen with her starting off as an acoustic singer before diving straight into the pop world and releasing pop anthem after pop anthem. Colder is no different with a dreamy production and a killer pop hook that you’ll be singing under your breath for many days to come. The track is about the aftermath of a heartbreak and how you may struggle to open up as a result of it.

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