Isaac Gracie – Broken Wheel

There is something truly timeless about Isaac Gracie’s music. The entirety of his self titled debut album is immaculate and the highlight for us was Broken Wheel. Lyrically it is superb with, “As I’m waiting for that broken wheel to turn / Staring at my own reflection / Wondering what I’d see / If I let my imperfections get a hold of me,” being a prime example of this but it is his heart wrenching vocal that leaves us floored. He’s able to dance that fine line between too soft and too powerful effortlessly with every single note being filled to the brim with sorrow.

Sam Creighton – After Midnight

Pop music has been going through a big change as of late with more and more artists going back to the anthemic sound that was popular in the early 2000’s and one person at the forefront of that is Sam Creighton. Her latest release After Midnight is a bop, pure and simple. With a sensational build up to a highflying chorus that makes you want to grab a hairbrush in your room, jump on the bed and sing like no one is listening.

Talladega – Voodoo Baby

This is one of those tracks that has all the right components for an absolute jam with it sounding like a mix between The Eagles and Pharrell Williams. Talladega’s track Voodoo Baby is a fusion of funk and alt pop with the slick bass line, the raw vocals of lead singer Parker Forbes and smooth melody with a hook that just makes me want to go to a beach where the sun is shining and catch some waves whilst this soundtracks that moment

Driftwood – Higher Mentions

Australia is exploding with talent at the moment and Driftwood is no exception with his track Higher Mentions. The production of this track transports you to an ethereal world with the slow trap beats creating a tender soundscape with his stirring vocal amplifying this further with lyrics assisting further. Then you have the cinematic music video that combines the aesthetic with sound to create an audio visual masterpiece that any musician would be proud to have produced.

Lupa J – You’re In My Headphones

We’ve featured Lupa J already on this blog and it’s clear to see why with her latest track You’re In My Headphones being one of her best yet. We have her traditional ominous atmosphere and quirky vocals that are reminiscent of Grimes along with an almost enchanting melody that creates an intriguing juxtaposition. A true Goth Dream Pop pioneer if we do say so ourselves.

Echos – Revival

The best way to describe Echos’s latest track is ethereal. Revival has this ambient atmosphere that is paired with this enchanting vocal singing these tragically beautiful lyrics and has me going for the tissues in a matter of seconds. It’s one of those tracks that has me completely spellbound and speechless from start to finish and is one of the best tracks I’ve heard this year. Listen to their new EP of the same name as it’s phenomenal.

Moss Kena – Touch

If you’re wanting a track to add to your party playlist then I cannot recommend Touch by Moss Kena enough. The building up to the drop is subtle but effective as the music gently builds around his smooth luscious vocal and you feel yourself begin to get more into the music before the drop finally happens and the whole room erupts in dance. If you like this one then I highly recommend listening to his whole EP One + One.

JJ – I Don’t Owe You Anything

The opening of I Don’t Owe You Anything by JJ captivated me, I stopped what I was doing and just sat and listened to this track. I love how this track starts off with the perception of being another sad break up song but by the end it’s showing how this ex should be scared of what this girl is capable of and should’ve never mistook her as damsel in distress. JJ singing the lyric, “Do I scare you now,” is my favourite moment from this track.

Thomas Azier – Echoes

I’ve been a fan of Thomas Azier since I heard his track Ghost City back in 2014 and with every release he gets better and better. He just dropped his new album Stray and every track is stupendous but it was Echoes that entranced me. It represents, for me, exactly the talent Thomas Azier has with him being able to go from a calming acoustic melody to an emotive electronic soundscape in one swift movement with his golden vocal guiding you on this journey with him.

Hayley Gene Penner – Talking to Myself

Acoustic tracks can be very hit and miss these days with some artists missing the mark on what can make an acoustic track so spectacular. Luckily Hayley Gene Penner has managed to hit all the right notes in Talking to Myself. The track has a raw level of honesty with Penner confessing her dark thoughts to us all the alluring guitar plucking transporting us to her world and her soul-stirring vocal painting us this picture of her own personal pain.


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